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The famous LOLcat has died!

October 19, 2007

frank the cat died

I hate that my first blog entry has to be on such a down note but I think this episode has finally prompted me to start blogging. (i’ve been meaning to for quite some time now, actually). i saw this picture at a cat forum and i almost cried! poor old frank (popularly known as happycat…after the russina happycat catfood company)  reminded me of my kitty we had to put to sleep a couple months ago. ms. mojo was a wonderful kitty and we will miss her. maybe she and frank are eating cheeseburgers together in heaven right now. Of course momo always had quite a penchant for sweaters instead of cheeseburgers. this somber lolcat macro inspired me to make my own lolcat eulogy for our beloved kitty.


i wish the owners of frank the very best. may he have as many cheeseburgers as that little chubber can eat 🙂